Stephen Whittaker Is a New Zealand artist, currently residing in Paris.

His work usually focuses on a correlation of natural elemental material and the dynamism of form. Prioritising the use of a reduced natural palette the process focuses on morphing the energy of abstracted primitive figuration and elemental colour study, often realised on a range of natural adaptable materials.

Most recently his work has been focused on the weight of tradition and generational ties. The juxtaposition of progress to structural decay, while being almost always at the expense of some natural element.

His work is held in a number of collections including the Wallace Arts Trust in New Zealand.



24 Rue Montmorency


Large scale bamboo, Linen & matting installations in a site specific exhibition with three other artists.



Untitled Gallery

«Marche à l’ombre»
Mixed media exhibition with two other artists


Strada Exhibitions

Exhibition of large scale works across two spaces with two other artists.




Grand on River, Detroit

«Micro Macro»
Group mixed media exhibition.


23 Rue de la Mare show

Exhibition alongside an artist collective. Large oil works.


Galerie Mémoire de l’avenir

Exhibition of 6 works produced in collaboration with a series of poems by William Cox.




34 Upper Queen Street, Auckland

First solo exposition in New Zealand